Paperbacks out of print

I have heard criticism for years about using KDP/Createspace to publish my paperback books, which I only did due to a lack of financial resources to dedicate to properly self-publishing.

In light of the recent articles from Popular Information that show that they have donated more money than I’ll probably ever see in my lifetime to anti-LGBTQ politicians and anti-abortion politicians, I have pulled all of my books, e-books, and album from their platform. It may take a few days for this to reflect on the website. Please shop elsewhere.

Seeing how poorly they treat their workers, it had been on my conscience for years, but I was unable to find an equally affordable alternative. I had been publishing with them since 2009, so this decision is not an easy one.

Select paperback books are available locally at Alibi Bookshop in Vallejo, Bookshop Benicia in Benicia, and Revolution Books in Berkeley. If you see me in person, I still have some paperbacks available of more recent titles. I will seek out another way of republishing them in the future. For now I would say just go buy e-books, and save trees and money. They are internationally distributed.

I realize avoiding Amazon completely is difficult given how engrained their web services are, how many different brands they own, and I use Alexa for accessibility reasons, but this is one action as a writer I am willing and able to take even if it temporarily hurts my own bottom line. I wasn’t earning boatloads of money from them anyways. Even some anthologies I am in were published via KDP, but I have no control over how those publishers print their books. And yes, I realize Google is on these lists as well, but they were not my primary book distributor, and according to the articles available, appear to have donated less than Amazon.

If you are an author and would like to self-publish elsewhere I suggest using Draft2Digital, Smashwords, StreetLib, Ingram, BookBaby, and PublishDrive instead. All of these resources are linked on vallejopoetrysociety.org