IFLAC Anthology: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

IFLAC Anthology: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
Series: Poetry Anthologies
Publisher: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9798775435080

I have a poem in this anthology.

About the Book

Edited by Ada Aharoni and Vijay Kumar Roy

Published by The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace of Haifa, Israel.


Publisher’s description:

HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND MODERN SLAVERY (HTMS), is a horrendus crime against humanity and an affront to civilization that today reaches all parts of the world. Human Traffickers are stealing every year, the fundamental right to freedom of 25 million people around the world, forcing them to live enslaved lives and to toil for their exploiters’ profit.
This Anthology sheds a desperate needed light on this dark and most urgent moral issues of our times. With conviction and courage, the researchers, writers, poets and artists in this brave book, cast a probing and scathing eye toward this grievous and inhuman criminal activity. HTMS has hollowed innumerable homes, inflicted incalculable grief, robbed countless families of their loved ones, parents of their children, countries of their citizens and human beings of their dignity and their human right to freedom from fear, violence and torture. Every day, a great number of children, women and men, across the world are kidnapped and thrown into a horrific world of sex slavery and forced labour.
This unique Anthology that deeply unveils the various evils, types and sources of this criminal phenomenon and strongly condemns them, gives hope that now responsible Institutions, together with the UN, UNESCO and non governmental organizations, as well as conscientious world citizens, will all join hands to oust this criminal human trafficking and modern slavery from our planet forever.

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