Protest 2021

Protest 2021
Series: Poetry Anthologies
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Moonstone Arts Center
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781954499423

I have a poem included in this protest poetry anthology.

About the Book

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Description from publisher:

100 Thousand Poets for Change (100 TPC) has organized over 5000 poetry, art and music gatherings for the cause of Peace, Justice, and Sustainability across the globe in the last 10 years. Poets from many languages, cultures, geographical regions, ethnicities, creeds, beliefs, and religious affiliations have come together year after year to lead poetry readings, without any preconditions or censorship, where participants speak out for causes nearest their hearts. In the process, oppressions, exploitative practices, biases, and abuses of many kinds have been highlighted whether based on gender, race, class, or religious affiliation, color, territory, language and cultural tradition, or any form of differentiation. These are real troubles that wrack our world; there are distinct and often mortal consequences to these regimes of tyranny and persecution. With this anthology, we’re joining the collective interest in striving toward the demanding ideal that 100 TPC has set for Peace, Justice, Sustainability.


Over 50 poets are represented in these pages:

Liz Abrams-Morley

Sandra  Anfang

Norma Bernstock

Sylvia Beverly

A.J. Chilson

Greg Colburn

Lynda V. E.  Crawford

Terry Dugan

Deborah Fries

Caroline Furr

Dean Gessie

Linda Goss

Steven  Halpern

Peggy Hammond

Annie Hartford

Rose Heflin

Kathleen Herrmann

Richard Hoffman

Jones Irwin

Carolyn June-Jackson

Rachel  Kiskaddon

Donald Krieger

D. L. Lang

Jim LaVilla-Havelin

Alison Lubar

Karen Mandell

George McDermott

Liz Minette

Marjorie Moorhead

Leonard Neufeldt

Rachel  Nichols

Hermond Palmer

Maggie Paul

Bohdan Pechenyak

Valerie Yvette  Peterson

Janet Powers

David Radavich

James Redfern

Linda Romanowski

George Schaefer

Jennifer Schneider

Katherine Shehadeh

Bob Small

Megha Sood

Jane “SpokenWord” Grenier

Renée Szostek

Alan Toltzis

Bill Van Buskirk

Kelley White

Dan Wilcox

Daniel Williams

Nellie Wong

Samantha Wright

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