About D.L. Lang

D.L. Lang is a contemporary American poet and spoken word artist. The author of over a dozen poetry books, Lang has been writing poetry for over 25 years. She has performed her poetry on stage hundreds of times at protest rallies, county fairs, literary festivals, open mics, poetry circles, bookstores, libraries, and live radio broadcasts. 

From 2017 to 2019 she served as Vallejo, California’s Poet Laureate. Her poems have been awarded with numerous county fair ribbons, transformed into songs, used as liturgy for prayer, and to advocate for peace, justice, and a better world. An internationally published poet, D.L. Lang’s poetry has been anthologized in dozens of titles worldwide. See the bibliography for details.

“Although there are many poet dreamers among us, very few have successfully initiated a resurgence of late 1960s ideals into literary action such as D.L. Lang in her recent book Heaven is Portable: New and Collected Poems.” – Daniel Yaryan

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