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Verses, Voices & Visions of Vallejo

Verses, Voices, and Visions of Vallejo contains poetry and prose by 43 writers from Vallejo and beyond. It was originally produced as D.L. Lang’s poet laureate project as a fundraiser for the Vallejo Peace Project.

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Wanderings: The Journey and the Destinations is a compilation of ten years of travel poetry, spanning 2013 to 2023, honoring various places and the open road. Whilst written in those years, the poems capture four decades of traveling. The poems contained in this volume cover road trips between Oklahoma and California and the Pacific Northwest, various locations in California and Oklahoma, and ends with poems drawn from memories of half a dozen childhood trips to Germany, a nation that I was born in, but that I haven’t visited since 2001.

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paradise collectors ebook cover

Paradise Collectors is a compilation of Jewish themed poetry, featuring poems inspired by Judaism, Jewish holidays, and Jewish practice from D.L. Lang’s previous books and a few new additions. Includes “Turning” previously published on, “Prayer for the Shomrim” previously published in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, “I Pray For My People” originally appears in Am Israel Chai, “Hanukkah Time” originally appears in Happy Fukkadays 2 U from the Alien Buddha and “Is” previously published in the Marin Poetry Center anthology Vol 21, and winner of 3rd place at the 2019 Solano County Fair. It include numerous occasional poems written for Jewish celebrations.

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Earthen Rovings

Earthen Rovings: Poems on Mother Nature and the Environment contains selections of nature poetry from D.L. Lang’s full length poetry collections published between 2011 and 2020. This collection is meant to serve as a sampler to those unfamiliar with her work. D.L. Lang is a nature lover who enjoys spending time outside to take walks and absorb the surrounding beauty. Lang is a poet who often finds herself inspired to write in a wilderness atmosphere, and dreaming of spending time in nature while indoors. A handful of environmentalist poems are also included within these pages. Don’t forget to honor your Mother Earth.

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Heaven is Portable by D.L. Lang

Although there are many poet dreamers among us, very few have successfully initiated a resurgence of late 1960s ideals into literary action such as D.L. Lang in her recent book Heaven is Portable: New and Collected Poems. D.L. Lang is a poet of protest, calling on people to assemble to directly confront social injustices and generate progressive change.  D.L. Lang’s poems harken back to the promise of the 1960s revived in the 2020s. Such promise of a more utopian world is prevalent in Heaven is Portable. — Daniel Yaryan

Heaven is Portable: New and Collected Poems is D.L. Lang’s 14th poetry book featuring poems on social justice, the global pandemic, Judaism, nature, and more. This volume contains dozens of poems previously published in anthologies worldwide and other brand new poems.

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This Festival of Dreams

This Festival of Dreams is D.L. Lang’s 13th poetry book, containing 78 new poems, primarily written between July 2019 and April 2020.

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Midnight Strike

Lang’s (The Cafe of Dreams, 2018 etc.) latest collection of poetry is a cri de coeur on the injustices of contemporary life. Lang’s bold, erudite language will empower and uplift readers: “Until all women are safe from violence, so that a woman can exist in any space without fear, we march!” Such pieces leap off the page and demand to be read aloud to release their crackling energy. Skeptics who deem protest-oriented verse to be ineffective or outmoded will struggle with most of Lang’s writing, but for others, it will be a persuasive call to action. A forthright, energizing collection.  —Kirkus Reviews

Midnight Strike is D.L. Lang’s 12th book of poetry, containing 70 new poems primarily written between September 2018 and July 2019, and includes topical poetry, some Jewish poems, and occasional poetry written for events in and around Vallejo, California.

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The Cafe of Dreams

The Cafe of Dreams is D.L. Lang’s 11th poetry book containing poetry written between April and August 2018. It is a mixture of autobiographical, spiritual, political, and nature poetry. It features the award winning poems “The 7 Words You Cannot Say in a ‘Free’ Country”, “Is”, “Forest Whisperings”, “The Woodpecker’s Beat”, and “Laugh With Me” and several selections written for events during D.L. Lang’s tenure as Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California including “Vallejo Together,” “Why Poetry Matters,” and “Time Unkept.”

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Dragonfly Tomorrows and Dog-eared Yesterdays

Dragonfly Tomorrows & Dog-eared Yesterdays is D.L. Lang’s 9th poetry collection. It is comprised of over 100 pages of inspirational, personal, fictional, and political poetry. It contains the poems “The Sixties” and “Lift Off!” which received blue ribbons at the 2017 Marin County Fair, and “Expectations of a Future” which was awarded a Silver Award rosette at the 2017 Alameda County Fair.

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