A bibliography of select publications by D.L. Lang, an internationally published poet and author, whose work has appeared in numerous anthologies and publications worldwide.


Poetry Collections

 Poetry Publications

  • February 18, 2015, “Prayer for the Shomrim,Jewish Journal of Los Angeles
  • September 23, 2016, “Sheltering in Places,” Benicia Herald Poetry Corner
  • November 4th, 2016, “Worldly Windows,” Benicia Herald Poetry Corner
  • December 3rd, 2016, “Stay,Benicia Herald Poetry Corner
  • December 15th, 2017, “Train Whistle Polka,” Benicia Herald Poetry Corner
  • January 5th, 2018, “Benicia Bound,” Benicia Herald Poetry Corner
  • February 23, 2018, “Love Poetry Capital Blockade,” Benicia Herald Poetry Corner
  • June 15, 2018, “How to Swim through a Tornado,” Benicia Herald Poetry Corner
  • September 7, 2018, “The Woodpecker’s Beat,” Benicia Herald First Friday Poetry Corner
  • September 17, 2018 “Turning: A Poem for Yom Kippur” 
  • November 2016, “Pier Dreams,” Benicia Library Poem of the Month
  • March 2016, “Prayer for the Shomrim,”The Voice, Congregation Rodef Sholom
  • November 2017, “Use Elevator to Exit Reality,” Poets Are Heroes Magazine, pg. 54, Realistic Poetry International
  • March 19, 2019, “49 Lights” Vallejo Times Herald, pg. A9
  • March 19, 2020, “No Other Planet,” Poetry Expressed, Vol. 5
  • April 1, 2020, “A Thousand Per Day,Frost Meadow Review, Pandemic Poetry
  • April 24, 2020, “What Remains is Love” Benicia Herald Going the Distance, pg A9
  • July 26, 2020, “July 4th, 2020” Benicia Herald Yearning to Breathe Free, pg A3
  • September 1, 2020, “Pieces” San Francisco Public Library Poem of the Day
  • September 30, 2020, “Pandemic Mismanagement” Benicia Herald Yearning to Breathe Free, pg A3
  • September 16, 2021, “Commonalities,” Lake County Bloom
  • September 23, 2021, “These Wild Winds,” Lake County Bloom
  • January 2022, “American Dream,” Free Venice Beachhead, #470, pg 11

Poetry Anthologies

  • January 2021, Potter, Matt, ed., “Your Birth Day,” Birth, Lifespan, Vol. 1, Pure Slush Books, Sefton Park, Australia. ISBN 9781922427205
  • February 2021, Cline-Tardiff, Karen, ed., “Coup des Imbeciles,” Insurrection, Gnashing Teeth Publishing, Rockport, Texas. ISBN 9781734049558
  • February 2021, Edwards, Amanda and Small, Rachel, ed., “Solo,” Red Skies, Splintered Disorder Press, Ontario, Canada. ISBN 9798702942049
  • March 2021, Focks, Red, ed., “An Introvert’s Operations Manual,” The Alien Buddha Skips the Party, Alien Buddha Press, Spartanburg, South Carolina. ISBN 9798577062279
  • March 2021, Haugen, Hayley, “Experience is the Polish of Life,” Pandemic Evolution, Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, Russell, Kentucky. ISBN 9781735400235
  • March 2021, Van Nelson, Kelly, ed., “This Small World,” Globalisation: The Sphere Keeps Spinning, Making Magic Happen Press, Perth, Australia. ISBN 9780645096613
  • April 2021, Stuber, Doug, ed., “What Must Be Done,” Poems from the Heron Clan, VIII, Katherine James Books, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. ISBN 9781733929936
  • April 2021, Focks, Red, ed., “Excerpts from a Redacted Life,” The Alien Buddha Gets a Real Job, Alien Buddha Press, Spartanburg, South Carolina. ISBN 9798702028163
  • May 2021, Focks, Red, ed., “Staying Afloat in a Wobbly Universe,” The Last Time The Alien Buddha Got Sooo High, Alien Buddha Press, Spartanburg, South Carolina. ISBN 9798726871189
  • May 2021, Cooper, Vincent & Vidaurre, Edward, ed., “How Do You Sleep in a War Zone?” Good Cop / Bad Cop, Flowersong Press, McAllen, Texas. ISBN 9781953447784
  • June 2021, Kumari Gilman, Maia and Magalaner Stone, Jillian, ed., “A Complete Healing,” Anthology House Vol. 2: Creative Visions of Global Wellness, ASEI Arts, New York City, New York. ISBN 9780998842189
  • June 2021, Lufkin, Kas and Thornley, Katrina, ed., “Chickadeean Rhythms,” Adfectus, Exeter Publishing, Exeter, Rhode Island. ISBN 9798515034177
  • June 2021, Focks, Red, ed., “Marley,” The Rastaman: Conversations with Bob Marley, Alien Buddha Press, Spartanburg, South Carolina. ISBN 9798727953129
  • June 2021, Moran Neil, Jan, and Spalding, Adrian, ed., “Kissing Oceans” When this is All Over, Creative Ink Publishing, United Kingdom. ISBN 9798518906778
  • September 2021, Powell, Francis H., ed., “We Long,” Together Behind Four Walls, Goldcrest Books, United Kingdom. ISBN 9781913719340
  • September 2021, Focks, Red, ed., “Deja Vu Dreamscape,” The Alien Buddha Goes Pop! Alien Buddha Press, Spartanburg, South Carolina. ISBN 9798511774343
  • October 2021, “Our Streets,” Protest 2021, Moonstone Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ISBN 9781954499423
  • October 2021, Okemwa, Christopher, ed., “Where Were You on the First Week of June?” I Can’t Breathe: A Poetic Anthology of Social Justice, Kistrech Theatre International, Kisii, Kenya. ISBN 9789914988505
  • December 2021, Aharoni, Ada and Roy, Vijay Kumar, ed., IFLAC Peace Anthology: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace, Haifa, Israel, ISBN 9798775435080
  • January 2022, Lipman, Mark, ed., “American Dream,” Reimagine America: An anthology for the future, Vagabond Books, Venice, California, ISBN 9781936293445
  • February 2022, Sourav Sarkar, ed., “What Counts,” Cooch Behar Anthology, Cooch Behar, India, ISBN 9798411541991
  • March 2022, “Dear Women,” International Women’s Day 2022, Moonstone Arts Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ISBN: 978-1-954499-68-3
  • May 2022, Fielding, Daniel, ed., “What is to be Gained,” Resist With Every Inch and Every Breath, Lonely Cryptid Media, Owatonna, Minnesota, ISBN: 9781005648480
  • May 2022, ”Working Man,” May Day 2022, Moonstone Arts Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ISBN  978-1-954499-83-6
  • May 2022, Focks, Red, ed., “The Dreamers,” Psalms of the Alien Buddha: Part 2, Alien Buddha Press, Spartanburg, South Carolina. ISBN 979-8822053663
  • May 2022, PW Covington, ed., “Living Dead,” Poetry Is Dead: An Inclusive Anthology of Deadhead Poetry, Hercules Publishing, Albuquerque, New Mexico. ISBN 979-8218003593
  • June 2022, Gast, Mary Susan, ed., “July 4th, 2020,” “What Remains is Love,” and “Pandemic Mismanagement,” Yearning to Breathe Free: A Community Journal of 2020, Benicia Literary Arts. ISBN 9781735499925
  • June 2022, Lisbit Bailey, Kristina Brown, Bobby Coleman, John Curl, Karen Melander-Magoon, ed., ”In the Name of Profit the Earth Burns,” Storm Warning: Poets for the Planet Building Socialism, Revolutionary Poets Brigade, San Francisco, California. ISBN: 9780938392163

Forthcoming anthologies

  • (accepted) “Labor Shortage,” Work and the Anthropocene, Ice Floe Press, Dothan, Alabama.
  • (accepted) “6/13/2020,” The Protest Diaries, B Cubed Press, Horse Heaven, Washington.
  • (accepted) “Guardians of Justice,” When There are Nine, Moon Tide Press, Whittier, CA.
  • (accepted) Stanton, Tom, “This Land of Soul,” “Eternal Drifter,” “Airplane Mode,” Nooks & Crannies, Benicia First Tuesday Poets Anthology, Benicia Literary Arts.
  • May 2023, Chawla, Nishi, ed., “Earth Viridescent,” Greening the Earth, Penguin.
  • (accepted) “Perpetually 26,” Beat Generation: Evolution, National Beat Poetry Foundation anthology, Wolcott, CT
  • (accepted) “A Flame Extinguished,” Colossus: Freedom, Colossus Press, Oakland, CA

Collective Poems

Contributed lines to:

  • Herrera, Juan Felipe, ed., “La Familia” epic poem, 2016
  • Wegener, Gillian, ed. “This Steady Beat of Days: A community spread poem during the time of Covid-19” Modesto-Stanislaus Poetry Center, 2020

Articles & Essays

Spoken Word Albums

  • Happy Accidents, 2015 (Compact disc is out of print. Still available digitally.)


  • Photos of me appears on pages 108 and 236 of photographer Robert A. Fischer’s book Listen Very Closely (Mystic Boxing Commission, 2021)