Globalisation: The Sphere Keeps Spinning

Globalisation: The Sphere Keeps Spinning
Authors: ,
Series: Poetry Anthologies
Genre: Poetry
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Making Magic Happen Press
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9780645096613

My poem “This Small World” appears in this anthology.

About the Book

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A poetry collection compiled by Kelly Van Nelson including poems from the following poets:

Geoffrey Aitken, Imogen Arate, Yola Bakker, Eleanor May Blackburn, Devika Brendon, Trevor Burndred, Caroline Burrows, Daragh Byrne, Rosa Carrafa, Anne Casey, Megan Chapman, Michael Collins, Angela Costi, Jeff  Cottrill, C.Creative, Bryan Franco, Margaret Frodsham, Fraser Gordon, Fin Hall, Miles Hitchcock, Dane Ince, Lindy Jelliman, Kimberly Johnson, Julia Kaylock, Gerald Kells, Franchesa Kirkpatrick, D.L. Lang, Claire Language, Una Lappin, Hiram Larew, Mike Mackay, Des Mannay, Marianne Murphy Zarzana, Denise O’hagan, Maroulla Radisavic, Riya Rajesh, Nathalie Sallegren, Phil Saunders, Stephen Smithyman, Dr. Deidra Suwanee, Dees Markey, Mark Symmonds, Kristy-Lee Swift, Gerard Traub, Kelly Van Nelson, Kayin Van Nelson, Heather Barker Vermeer, Susan Wakefield, Toni Wass, and Skylar J Wynter

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