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Frequently Asked Questions


Category: Performance
  • Any readings outside of the Bay Area which cannot be attended virtually must reimburse travel and accommodation costs.
  • If you’d like me to read longer than 5-10 minutes at in person events
  • For accessibility reasons, the venue or hosting organization must provide a podium or music stand and a mic stand and PA system.
Category: Performance
  • Duration of performance (for example, just one poem on a theme or how many minutes)
  • If there is a specific theme to the event, let me know, so that I can cater my set to it.
  • The time and date of the event
  • The address of the venue or how to access the online event
  • Please note whether or not there is an honorarium and the amount if applicable.
  • Please note whether or not I will be given a space in your venue to sell books, and whether or not your venue or organization requires a cut of book sales.
  • I will need at least two weeks notice to allow time for ordering if you require that I have a certain number of books available for sale during an in person performance.
Category: Performance

I am physically unable to assist you in moving furniture, am not interested in being bogged down by event planning minutiae, do not own a sound system, and am also not a caterer. I am a performer. I also will not pay to perform.

Category: Performance

Please contact me to work out the details.